Secrets Don’t Behave, 2018

Antique privacy screen, sewn canvas, acrylic paint, leather string, foam, and red velvet sand bag. 

69”h x 55.5”w x 17”d

My Winged Fighter, 2018

Reclaimed chair, plaster, steel, paper rush, reins, found furniture feet, sewn fabric jacket,

and sewn fabric sand bags.

52”h x 16”w 132”d

Fillmore, 2018

Found chair parts, plaster, paper rush, and acrylic paint.

54”h x 17”w x 55.5”d

Wishing Whale, 2018 

Wood, plaster, burlap, ceramic, acrylic paint, resin and found stool. 

42"h x 124"w x 18"d

Liminal Heart, 2018

Reclaimed door, acrylic paint, found tree section, carpet nails, fabric, foam, bent steel, reclaimed handles, and rubber leg tips.

101.5”h x 36.5”w x 38”d, (object – 32”h x 20”w x 20”d)

Boxing Balls, 2017

Acrylic paint on sewn canvas stuffed with cotton and sand, springs, and painted wire.

50”h x 17”w x 8”d

Tush, 2018

Found wooden chair seat, fabric, string, foam, and faux pearl buttons.

15”h x 16”w x 1”d